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When you decide to go on vacation part of the downside of it all is getting yourself organised to do something that is way out of your normal routine and most likely way out of your comfort zone.

So, I have put together for you in these Scottish travel tips ….ways to make your vacation easier, safer and more enjoyable for you.

Tip #1 Make Sure You Confirm your Reservations

There is no bigger nightmare than turning up at an airport expecting to take a flight to discover the airline has never heard of you.

So, always confirm your flight details at least the day before you are due to fly out.

Do the same with you hotel accommodation.

If you have booked you vacation with a travel agent check all the details with them  a day or two before you are due to leave.

Tip #2 Always Leave Your Itinerary With Family Or A Friend

It is always important and also courteous to leave a copy of your itinerary with a member of your family or a friend so if something happens back home they will know where you are and can get in contact with you in a reasonable time.

It helps to have a chat with your family or friend and decide between you how often you should be in contact with them when you are away.

Keeping in regular contact prevents your family from worrying about you if they do not hear from you for a while.

There are lots of places where you can access the internet when you are on vacation so it is really easy to send emails regularly.

Tip #3 Don’t Travel With Too Much Luggage!

The temptation is always there when going on vacation to pack as much as possible into your luggage to cater for every type of weather.

Try to resist the temptation… not easy I know. I struggle with this every time I go on vacation.

If you are flying, make sure you know what your luggage weight allowance is before you go… And make sure you weigh your luggage to be sure you are within the luggage allowance. Many budget airlines charge a hefty premium for overweight luggage.

Tip #4 Put Your Personal Papers Into Your Hand Luggage

It is a sad fact, but so much luggage goes astray at airports today so you must be prepared for it to happen to you.

Make sure you put all of your important papers in your hand luggage and carry it onto the plane. This will include your itinerary and any tickets you have for pre-booked tours you will take on your vacation.

If you are taking medication make sure you pack this in your hand luggage also.

It can be very useful if you include a few items of essential clothing in your hand luggage. They will help you out while you are waiting to be re-united with your luggage.

Tip #5 Arrive At The Airport With Time To Spare

Find out from your travel agent or online booking when the check-in time for your flight begins.

Just as important is to find out the time when the check-in for your flight closes. Many budget airlines are turning passengers away because they arrive at the check-in desk late. The plane may still be at the airport, but if you arrive after the check-in desk closes you may miss your flight.

So, include enough time into your schedule to allow for delays in your journey to the airport.

If you do arrive at the airport at the last minute find an agent straight away, explain your situation to them and ask for their help to get you through the check-in process.

Do not just join the line expecting someone to contact you. They won’t.

The important thing for you to remember when you read these Scotland travel tips is you are going on vacation so relax, don’t panic and most of all… enjoy the trip!

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