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Scotland is a small country of 30,418 square miles located at the top of the British Isles. It is a beautiful blue / green country containing snow capped mountains, deep lochs, picturesque glens and over 790 islands including the Hebrides, Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands.

 The population of Scotland is in the region of 5.1 million people.

Edinburgh Cityscape from Carlton HillBecause it is such a beautiful country loads of people visit it every year. If you have never been to Scotland before I would urge you to seriously consider putting it up at the top of the places you must visit…

What Is Scotland Like?

As it is a small country travel in Scotland is very easy and as it has a long history there are so many things to do and see.

For example:

To name a few.

  • Magnificient cities to discover
  • Towering castles to explore
  • Whisky distilleries to sample
  • Exquisite gardens to take you time in
  • Play golf in the land of its birth
  • Climb mountains reaching to the sky
  • Spot salmon in sparkling rivers
  • Ski on snow capped mountain slopes

When you travel in Scotland you will find there is something for everyone in your family of whatever age.

The language of the people in Scotland is English with quite a variety of regional accents making it sometimes difficult for tourists to fully understand what is being said. But, with a little bit of practice it does not take long for visitors to warm to the charm of the locals and quickly begin to feel at home.

Gaelic, once the language spoken in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland is now making a comeback and you will notice it on street and shop signs, at railway stations and at many other attractions. It is a reminder to the Scots of their heritage and separate identity.

Edinburgh is the capital city and is so full of wonderful things to do and see it needs lots of time to explore its palace, castle, art galleries, museums, golf courses and shopping malls. So, make sure you include lots of time in your itinerary.

Glasgow is a larger city than Edinburgh situated about an hour’s drive away and is considered to be the industrial capital of Scotland. It lies along the banks of the River Clyde and contains lots of lovely Victorian buildings and architecture by Charles Renee Mackintosh for you to visit and enjoy.

My Scotland travel blog will show you the many places of natural beauty within Scotland formed over time by the work of the people as they put down roots and left a history and rich heritage for visitors to explore and enjoy today.