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In this Scotland travel guide you will find an overview of the essence of Scotland that many tourists find when they visit today.

Scotland is a fine old European country with a heritage second to none. Over the centuries it was the scene of many important battles as it fought to maintain its independence.

Royal and Ancient Gold Course, St. Andrews, ScotlandIt you like sport… in particular ‘Golf’ you will be aware Scotland is the home of golf with many championship courses including the famous old course at St Andrews.

It you like the history associated with Scottish castles you will be familiar with Balmoral Castle where Queen Elizabeth and members of the royal family go to for vacations and rest.

If you like a wee dram now and then… well you will be really interested in the history and heritage established in Scotland brought about by distilling Scotch Whisky.

If you have never experienced the thrill of ‘Highland Games’ then you are in for a treat. To see the beauty of Highland dancing synchronised with the skirl of the bagpipes is a true delight. And to witness big, strong highland men hammer throwing and caber tossing is enough to have you reaching for that extra shredded wheat in admiration.

Scotland truly is a marvelous country to visit for your vacation. Split into three very different regions… Highlands, Central Lowlands and Southern Uplands, it offers a wide variety of scenic attractions all within the boundaries of one small country.

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is a marvellous blend of ancient and modern. The ‘old town’ where the castle is linked by the Royal Mile to Holyrood Palace… where Queen Elizabeth stays when she is in the city…is in startling contrast to the ‘new town’ with its modern shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and nightlife.

The old town and the new town are divided by the Princes Street gardens, a vast area where you can stroll at your leisure as you relax watching and listening to entertainers… especially during the Edinburgh Festival in August.

Edinburgh is also famous for its museums and art galleries with the Royal Museum and The National Gallery of Scotland taking pride of place.

Glasgow is larger than Edinburgh and is considered to be the industrial capital of Scotland. However, it also has a lively cultural side as it is home to both the Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet.

The city of Glasgow will have a Scotland travel guide of its own. It is the home to 13 Scottish museums containing some of the finest collections in Europe. The included notable museums like ‘The Burrell Collection’, ‘The Gallery of Modern Art’ and ‘The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens’ to name only some.

Glasgow is also famous for its shopping centres situated in traditional settings in great long pedestrianised streets like Argyle Street and Sauchiehall Street.

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